Spring 2024

An audience integrated performance of Jane Austen's classic novel. Full of audience interaction and choreography, this version of an unforgettable story will transport you back to the romance and fairy tale realm of 19th century England.

Auditions will be held at:


St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church

5635 E. 71st St.

Tulsa, OK 74136


2:00pm on Saturday January 13th.

Callbacks scheduled for 2:00pm January 14th. (Same Location)


Production crew:

Director- Cody McCoy

Assistant Director/Dramaturge- Meagan Mulgrew

Choreographer- Jen Alden

Stage Manager- Tracee George Orcutt

Assistant Stage Manager- Jo Mariaraye


Bring a monologue suited for the character you are interested in portraying and bring clothes you can move in. THERE WILL BE A DANCE CALL!!!!


The role of MRS. BENNET has already been cast. All available roles (and requirements) are listed below.


ELIZABETH BENNET- 20s-30s. High spirited with a strong stage presence (Must be a dancer)

JANE BENNET- 20's-30's. Calm and collected. Never one to stir trouble. (Must be a dancer)

MARY BENNET- Teens-20's. Resolute and logical. Only becomes lost in the clouds when MR. COLLINS is in the room. (Must be a dancer. Must have basic proficiency at the piano.) 

KITTY BENNET- Teens-20's. Unhinged and lively. Jealous of all of her sisters. (Must be a dancer)

LYDIA BENNET- Teens-20's. Bright and attention seeking. Gives ELIZABETH a run for her money with her wit. (Must be a dancer)

CHARLOTTE LUCAS- 20's-30's. Self assured in many aspects, but still seeking answers about herself. (Must be a dancer)

CAROLINE BINGLEY- 20's-30's. Strong and stubborn. She knows what she and her brother deserve in life and she won't settle for less. (Must be a dancer)

CATHERINE DE BOURGH- 50's-70's. A queen in her own right. She has made no mistakes and she will not easily forgive the mistakes of others.

GEORGIANA DARCY- Teen. Sweet and innocent, but slightly broken. (Must be a dancer)

MRS. GARDINER- 40's-60's. Reliable and compliant. Creative and supportive.


MR. BENNET- 50's-70's. Loving and attentive, but at the same time he feels lost in the world. (Must have basic dance abilities)

MR. DARCY- 20's-30's. Stubborn, yet kind. Mysterious, yet inviting.  (Must have basic dance abilities)

MR. BINGLEY- 20's-30's. Welcoming in every situation. Always has a smile on his face. Protective of those he loves. (Must have basic dance abilities)

MR. COLLINS- 20's-40's. Awkward and aloof. He is socially unaware, and is in a position he wishes he could fight, but he can't. (Must have basic dance abilities)

MR. WICKHAM- Teens-30's. Charming and sincere, but devious at the same time. This role requires an actor of great skill. (Must have basic dance abilities)

COLONEL FITZWILLIAM- 20-40's. Hopeful and reassuring. He only wishes the best for everyone he meets. (Must have basic dance abilities)

MR. GARDINER- 40's-60's. Unaware, but kind. Helpful, but unsure. (Must have basic dance abilities


SERVANT ROLES- There will be a few that will also participate in choreography and set transitions. Must have the ability to dance, but also must have a decent stage presence. Most "SERVANTS" will have lines.